Tl;dr: We ask before gathering information, and will take down on request.

- We, us, our: and the person representing the website (
- You, user, customer: Any person utilizing's services or in this case representing a service.
- Data source, database, service: Any service gathers information from.

We attempt to seek the express written permission from any service we'd like to gather data from, unless the service or nature thereof makes it clear that this is not needed, for example the MyAnimeList API used.

Please do note that facts are not copyrightable. (such as air times, etc.)

In the event that we collect data from your service, even though we have not requested your permission, we will gladly take down any of the collected information and investigate how this got collected. Please contact, with as much information as possible to ensure a timely action.

Last updated: 2018-04-26 23:00 CEST