Privacy Policy
Controller processes minimal personal information as both processor and controller.

All data provided by both the user and generated by will be stored in secured environments such as Amazon Web Services and our own local database / webserver. Measures are taken on all facilities to ensure that this data is secured.

Data Protection Officer is operated by a singular individual, and therefor does not have a data protection officer. If you wish to get in touch with somebody that can help you in regards to your personal data, please use the following contact info:

Riekelt Brands

Your rights
You, the user, have the following rights:
International privacy
In certain cases your data may go across a couple of servers in different countries, in this event, any textual and identifiable data is encrypted or delivered over alternative protocols such as SFTP, SCP or HTTPS.

Lawful basis will never gather data on it's own incentive, with the following functional exceptions:
All of the above data gathering can only be instigated by you, the user, and is never done without your consent. Please note that signing in with these services is considered as consent, since by clicking the corresponding button you are indicating that you wish to use these services.

Any other data such as nickname, e-mail address, hashed password and timezone are stored for functional purposes, including but not limited to: In the event that you wish to view adult (18+) content on this website, you are obligated to enter your date of birth, in the same way that we are obligated to verify that you are an adult. Please note that some content may be illegal in your area. It is your discretion to determine this. Access to adult content will be denied until a date of birth is entered, a date of birth is erasable.

We utilize cookies for both functional and commercial purposes. Commercial purposes may include: If you do not wish these cookies to be stored, you may click "Decline" upon the initial cookie message.

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