Terms of Service
You, hereafter referred to as "user", agree to the following terms when utilizing our services.

Parental supervision
The user declares that they are at least at 13 years of age, if this is not the case the user shall seek parental approval before registering or utilizing our services.

Site behaviour
The user declares that they will, to the best of their ability, behave in a non-threatening and non-aggressive manner towards both other users and Simulcasts.online staff.

Automation and robots
The user declares that they will not use any kind of automated software to index or reverse engineer Simulcasts.online and it's content. In the event that the user seeks to utilize data from Simulcasts.online, they shall use the provided API's. If none are provided, the data is to be considered not available for use.

Search engines are exempt from this term.

Social media and third party intergrations
The user declares that they will only associate accounts over which they have such authority to their Simulcasts.online account.

Copyright material
The user declares that they have the right under at least fair-use to utilize any uploaded files, including but not limited to avatars. In the event that an avatar violates this term, potential claimants may contact legal@simulcasts.online to have the user's avatar reset to the default avatar.

Correctness of information
Simulcasts.online provides no warranty to the correctness of information provided to the user. We attempt to serve our data in the most accurate way possible, errors are however unavoidable. We seek to correct any errors as soon as realistically possible.

Last updated: 2018-06-25 21:12 CEST